Formula E is a new motor racing series beginning in 2014 that has been set up by the FIA, the same body that governs Formula One. Instead of using petrol-powered race cars however, Formula E uses all-electric single seaters. And despite the lack of noise, the FIA is promising the new form of four-wheeled competition will be extremely exciting.

That’s because the championship will actually race around the heart of 10 of the world’s major cities, including London, Beijing and Los Angeles. Can you imagine that – a field of bespoke electric racers silently charging around central London? Awesome.

The first race is scheduled for September next year, with the season running until June 2015. The grid will be populated by 10 teams, each with two drivers.

A Lamborghini source has apparently revealed that the Italian supercar firm’s replacement for the Gallardo – due next in 2014 – will be called the Huracan.

The insider let slip to Auto Express that the new V10-powered supercar will be called Huracan, which is Spanish for hurricane. This is in contrast to earlier reports that suggested the Gallardo replacement would be called the Cabrera.

Lamborghini Gallardo production ends as its replacement is trailed On Bing: see pictures of the Lamborghini Gallardo. The Italian manufacturer trademarked the Huracan name in April 2012 – previously associated with the Urus SUV concept shown at Beijing Motor Show last year. It also trademarked Deimos at about the same time.